The Seeders

Linda Claborn Clarke

The Seeders

In the beginning
of elliptical existence
before the universe was complete,

they sent us out two by two, supreme
males and females traveling in egg-shaped
crafts across the great unknown:

a blackness, an unexplored bottomless cosmos,
which they prepared for millions of eons
to transform the barren spheres into habitats.

Humbly, the male and female walked
into their craft, realizing their homeland
was yesterday; the mission, their forever.

Ships packed with the cornucopia of life
awaited the opportune moment to be dispersed
to bring forth life in the great nothingness.

Their prodigy incubated in cosmic eggs,
exist to carry out our mission.

We, the seeders, unassuming manipulators
of genetics, transform inferior life forms.
We answer only to those who sent us.

Sadly, after eons, there is still great work
to be done refining the egotistical, limited originals
in Earth’s 21st century timeline. They foolishly believe
they who are the center of the Universe.

This is why we are called to improve an archetype
pronounced defective once again
by the Omnipotent Ones.

It is time, my Son,
               to begin the great culling.


Author’s Note: Inspired by Genesis 1:1, Isaiah 24:3, and Isaiah 45:12-13


Linda Claborn Clarke lives in Seymour, Tennessee. She is a member of Poetry Society of Tennessee; the poetry group, Poetry Pie; Knoxville Writers’ Guild, and Tennessee Mountain Writers. She has been published in Tennessee Magazine, South Carolina’s Writers Workshop anthology (1998 Best of Issue short story), Horizons. She the Cumberland Prize in Poetry (2017 Poetry Society of Tennessee Festival contest).

Editor’s Notes: The panspermia image is from the conception of a new instrument called the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Genomes (STEG), which is being developed to find evidence of life on other worlds. Credit: NASA/Jenny Mottor.

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