Review: Divinity & the Python

Divinity & the Python

by Bonnie Randall


Understand, Tarot is not my thing; in fact, it’s against my religion. It’s therefore astounding that I simply could not put Divinity & the Python down.

I will admit that the Tarot is a wonderful device for foreshadowing, misdirection, theme, atmosphere and characterization. And protagonist Shaynie Gavin is a student of the Tarot, who lives a double life. Half of her time is spent making enough money to keep body and soul together as a barmaid at a club called The Python. The club has a holographic snake that winds its way through the place, and it’s a place she’d rather not be since that hologram is a fair representation of The Python’s soul.

Shaynie would rather be at the business she is building, mainly with sweat equity, in an old morgue. This place has a soul too, a friendly, protective one, and she’s named that palpable presence “Divinity.” She’s added a woodshop to the lower level near the morgue drawers, and a showroom for her wood-crafted creations on the main floor, where she also plans to have a bar and a place for Tarot readings.

But Shaynie has a secret, one that she’d rather not confront, about a time when she was in so much pain she went out seeking oblivion in shameful behavior. And it’s a smallish group of people who know her, mainly in the circles of hockey-mad Edmonton. Who of them saw her shame… and do they know more about it than she does?

This is a FIRST RATE mystery, people, with enough twist and turns for a serious roller coaster ride of intrigue, hints, reversals, and reveals. Add to that a seriously hot romance and all the paranormal help—and hindrances—she gets from various spiritual agencies, and it was electrifying.


p.s. – It’s Abyss & Apex’s policy to not review self-published or indie novels unless we’ve already published the author. Bonnie Randall is the author of our powerful 2018 Special Holiday Story, “I’ll be Home for Christmas.”

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