A&A Reviews: Dreaming Death

Dreaming Death
by J. Kathleen Cheney

When I first opened up this ebook I didn’t realize that it was written in the same world as Cheney’s trilogy that started with Oathbreaker, a series that I loved. Once I realized that this was in the same world I got really excited. I loved that series. And Dreaming Death did not disappoint. It has a braided plot about two lives that eventually get woven together. And it’s a very well-written paranormal murder mystery.

The first protagonist, 13-year-old Shironne Anjir, is a touch-sensitive. Her garments bother her unless they’re soft and she’s worn them a while, she can sense traces of those who have used objects, she can read the remaining memories of the recently dead, and she’s barraged by the emotions of those around her. Oh, and she’s blind. Her mother is afraid of Shirrone’s very powerful and abusive father. Her mother is very conscious of their social position and the need to not antagonize her husband and cut off their support, so the one thing she fears is scandal. Yet Shironne gets involved with the police in solving the murders. Because her mother (an unacknowledged Royal bastard) is all about upholding honor, she agrees to let Shirrone help the detectives. However, her daughter’s touch-sensitivity and identity must be kept a secret from the rest of the world. The police investigators promise to keep Shirrone’s secret.

Our other protagonist, Mikael Lee, has a disturbing dream whenever anyone is murdered. In a way this is a happy occurrence, because he is somebody who investigates murders for the military. But he also ends up with painful wounds that are very similar to what killed the person, although not as severe. Up until recently these marks had healed fairly quickly. Now, these wounds have been getting worse, nearly killing him as well; it’s getting much too up close and personal for his taste. Oh, and he broadcasts those dreams to other sensitives, Shironne included.

It all culminates in an unexpected way as the murders they look at are linked to something sinister, darker, and more powerful than they expect. But by the slam-bang ending (note, this is not a romance) Shirrone and Mikael fight this evil with all that they possess. RECOMMENDED

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