Introduction to Abyss & Apex Poetry Issue 71

The number of submissions has nearly doubled as well as the number of quality poems received in May. It was difficult to turn away many good poems this July and the forthcoming October issue. However, some poems I simply could not let go, so you will be treated to a larger than normal sampling of innovative speculative work that transcends genre. The slate of July’s poets, though concentrated in the States, are from other parts of the world: Christopher Collingwood (Sydney, Australia), Jennifer Crow (Orchard Park, NY), Patricia Gomes (Poet Laureate, City of New Bedford, MA), Robin Gow (Mineola, NY), Peter Milne Greiner (Brooklyn, NY), Tim Kahl (Elk Grove, CA), Eva Papasoulioti (Athens, Greece), Anuel Rodriguez (Union City, CA), Ana C. H. Silva (New York City, NY), (Laura Theis (Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK), and T.D. Walker (Dallas, TX) . However, the poems do not appear in alphabetical order by poet’s name, but as usual, they appear in an order sustaining some kind of narrative or emotional arc.

John C. Mannone

Poetry Editor

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