Review: Simon Says

Simon Says

by Bryan Thomas Schmidt

Coming out on Oct 15, 2019: This is a police procedural/scifi hybrid with a cop who ends up getting sort of an android partner, almost by accident. Certainly, John Simon was not looking  for a witness to a crime to tag along and try and help. He did not know, at first, that the man was not human, and when he tries to get rid of the helpful android it makes itself indispensible. Still, Simon is not comfortable with his “sidekick.” And then the boss assigns them together.

Fans of Robocop or Asimov’s robots series might like this, as will those who simply like a good police drama. Schmidt did ride-alongs with the local police force, and it shows in the level of fascinating detail. It’s a great mystery that makes use of–but does not bore you with–scifi and police story tropes. A good, solid, story.


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