Alex Kashko


The steel vampires stand, derelict statues
guarding their home, the scrapyard
that backs onto your backyard
come the night the vampire machines
rise and walk, undead
in their futile dance

with them homeless fairies dance
learning to handle the burning  touch of cold steel statues
and the presence of the undead
that live in the scrapyard
where vampire machines
roll past your backyard

The dog in your backyard
sees the unseelie parade dance
fairies, goblins and machines
displaced by humans’ new steel statues
destined too for the scrapyard
to venerate the undead

the humans too are undead
thinking life only their backyard
worshipping scripture, that scrapyard
where undead ideas dance,
animated statues
driven by custom and prejudice. Humans, machines

that think they are not machines
think they are not undead
money worshipping stranger hating statues
trapped in their own backyard
parade in a sad meaningless dance
that ends in the scrapyard

where they sit in wheelchairs, a scrapyard
ruled by machines
that direct the dance
of the mindless undead
who choose not to leave their backyard
in case they find they are statues

that can dance. For the scrapyard
that swallows the statues is ruled by vampire machines
immune to garlic: clustered undead rulers of their backyard


Former software developer Alex Kashko writes fiction, nonfiction and poetry. He is drawn to History, Myth and the Uncanny. His poetry has appeared in a number of anthologies and he has published one poem, “Carrion Crow,” online.

Editor’s Notes: Shockwave (DOTM Concept) by Barricade24 combined with The Library from “The City” series. Image: Lori Nix forms one nuance of the sestina.

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