A.Z. Louise


it’s 3:32 am and someone has replaced my
brain with a cathode-ray tube.
my fingers glow like the dawn
scarlet fading to tangerine to brown.

i should probably go for help
but the electron guns all point
out of my eyes casting dangerous
images on the ceiling.

phosphenes dance on the plaster
as my eyes are being crushed
by two heavy fists to hold in
something i cannot name.

electron hum and wriggling lights
keep me from drifting off to sleep.
it’s fine.
I’ll just stay awake forever.


A.Z. Louise is a civil engineer-turned-writer of speculative things, whose conure keeps them company during the writing process. When not reading or writing, they can be found baking, knitting, or putting on makeup with nowhere to go. Links to their work can be found at azlouise.com.

Editor’s Note: The background vector was designed by Garry Killian Use (Freepik)

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