The Wood Became Birds

Tristan Beiter

The Wood Became Birds

the wood became birds
bursting off the wrecking ball
as it crashed splinter-wings

metamorphosed the glass
into beetles buzzing

shards ‘round
clouds of dust shifted as
gnats darkening the sky

the lime convertible
in front of the fading house
exploded into rhododendron

Tristan Beiter is a poet and speculative fiction nerd from Central Pennsylvania. His poems have previously appeared or are forthcoming in such publications as Liminality, Abyss & Apex, GlitterShip, and Eternal Haunted Summer. When not reading or writing, he can be found crafting absurdities with his boyfriend or yelling about literary theory. Find him on Twitter at @TristanBeiter.

Editor’s Notes: The silhouette image of pigeons in flight ( is colorized and combined with a vector tree silhouette of a tree (

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