Introduction to Issue 76 Poetry

Introduction to Issue 76 Poetry


We hope that the poetry in this issue finds you all well in these trying times and that it will put a smile on your faces. There are some innovated poems that are skillfully crafted. The poems might be dark, suspenseful, wolfish, metaphysical, mythological, surreal, post apocalyptic, apocalyptic weird, or full of fantasy and fairytale. Please enjoy these poems, as it turns out, from poets around the United States:


Brian Hugenbruch (Binghamton, New York), That is not what I meant at all

Simon Perchik (East Hampton, New York), * [No, it’s about the sun and a sore]

Phoebe Low (Iowa City, Iowa), Executive

Ann K. Schwader (Westminster, Colorado), Dark Matter Haunts Us

David C. Kopaska-Merkel (Tuscaloosa, Alabama), Flying

M.C. Childs (Albuquerque, New Mexico), Those who leave

Jennifer Crow (West Falls, New York), Villa Abbandonata

Alan Ray Simmons (Alameda, California), People Dropping Dead in the Mall Parking Lot

Rebecca Buchanan (Asheville, North Carolina), Excerpt from The Explorers Guild Essential Handbook: Librarian’s Edition

Margaret Kingsbury (Nashville, Tennessee), After I reach the end of a fairy tale



Poetry Editor

John C. Mannone

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