Introduction to A&A Poetry, Issue 78

Introduction to A&A Poetry, Issue 78

This quarter’s poems begin with a love of the sea [The Fisherwoman and the Queen of Gulls by Devin Miller (Seattle, Washington)] and ends with the call back to the ocean [Song of the Fisherman’s Wife by Joshua Gage (Pepper Pike, Ohio)].

Central poems are varied: another “call me home” poem [In Which One Partakes in Their Own Disappearance on the Eve of Halloween by S. Blackthorn Riddle (New York, New York)], another with medical stuff and crows [At Last, Clarity by Sara Backer (Hollis, New Hampshire)], followed by a prose poem on being lost, and witches [Orc by Anna Bates (Wilmington, Ohio)], and failed relationships [He saw by Katharyn Howd Machan (Ithaca, New York)], a list poem on fairytale pieces [Grimm Brothers Ltd. by Cathrin Hagey (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada)], an American sonnet involving volcano nightmares [Red Waking by Ann K. Schwader (Westminster, Colorado)], and bringing life to constellations [Cassiopeia by Louis Faber (St. Lucie, Florida)].

Please enjoy them!

John C. Mannone, Poetry Editor

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