Introduction to Poetry, Issue 79

Introduction to Poetry, Issue 79

Congratulations to our poets from across the states (and Mexico) appearing in the summer issue of Abyss & Apex. You will enjoy a variety of work from traditional to contemporary, including experimental forms. There are surreal, bizarre, post apocalyptic, and metaphysical poems on a variety of topics from love to artificial intelligence. Be sure to enjoy the authors’ comments about their poems. My notes include image credits.

Steve Stampone
Entropy Conquers All
Philadelphia, PA
Noel Sloboda
Graffiti Goddess
York, PA
Jack Fobean
Electronic Alexandria
Stow, OH
Toti O’Brien
Los Angeles, CA
Jennifer L. Collins
Tell Me Yesterday
Cape Coral, FL
Jennifer Silvey
Worlds Colliding
O’Fallon, MO
Warren Brown
What Now Mombasa?
Tulsa, OK
Brian Hugenbruch
Simulation says…
Binghamton, NY
Russell Nichols
man made machine god             
Nomadic (currently in Mexico)
John C. Mannone
Poetry Editor

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