A&A Reviews: Infiltration

Infiltration: A Caine Riordan Universe Novel (Beyond Terra Press)

by Griffin Barber

This is book 1 of a three-part series (so far). Really good military science fiction!

Horace Earl Chalmers has a checkered past but that only means  he’s become Murphy’s Lawless’ de facto counter-intelligence expert. Still, Chalmers instincts, memories, and a lifetime of really bad habits may get in his way. And the survival of the Lost Soldiers on R’Bak, and in space, may call for desperate measures.

Chalmers, his trusted partner Sergeant Jackson, and a new friend and enforcer, Sergeant Messina—all work together to try and find a way to get into an enemy-held spaceport, which is their only way to get back into space. It’s also where their boss, Murphy, has ordered them to steal a heavily-guarded enemy ship they have to have to defeat the hostile Kulsians who have arrived to strip the planet of its resources—some of which Murphy wants for their own use, by hook or crook. Defeating the Kulsians will also cause the liberation of the captured planet.

If they fail, all of the displaced humanity on that planet, and Murphy’s Lawless, are doomed.

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