Introduction to Issue 81 Poetry

Introduction to Issue 81 Poetry

Congratulations to the following set of poets as they begin a new year of fantastic contributors to Abyss & Apex. May 2022 be safe, as well as prosperous; i.e., may your reading and writing be enjoyable and prolific.

Fertile by Ann Thornfield-Long  (Norris, Tennessee)

In the Dream Bunkers by Ann K. Schwader (Westminster, Colorado)

Godhuli by DJ Tantillo (Davis, California)

Baby-Sitting a Bone in Washington Square Park, Once a Potter’s Field by Linda Ann LoSchiavo (New York, New York)

The Magpie’s Consort by Avra Margariti (Athens, Greece)

Beaks by Katharyn Howd Machan (Ithaca, New York)

Consistent with our tradition, your poetry editor is delighted to contribute a speculative seasonal poem: Ark II by John C. Mannone (Knoxville, Tennessee)

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