A&A Reviews Frankenstein: Monsters of the Abyss

Frankenstein: Monsters of the Abyss (Padwolf Publishing)

by John L. French and Patrick Thomas

It’s best to think of this as a “secret history” of Frankenstein and his monster. It’s done in the style of Mary Shelley’s original work but tells you details you would not have known, and from a different viewpoint.

It is also, basically, a story about a descent into madness. It chronicles what led Dr. Frankenstein to build such a creation, and then lets us know how it affected his family. What is unique is it really delves into the viewpoint of the monster himself, who may be a reconstituted human but is human nonetheless. It also gives insight into Frankenstein’s son, I don’t wish to give too much away except to say that it may be the story you know…yet it is not. Very well written and true to the period, fans of Victorian Gothic will absolutely love this one.


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