Introduction to Issue 85 with Seasonal Poem

Introduction to Issue 85 with Seasonal Poem
Congratulations to the Pushcart nominees in Poetry for 2022 shown in order of appearance [I am delighted with all the poems published in Abyss & Apex, they are meritorious of recognition. Only the most literary speculative poems were selected because of the nature of the prize]:

Ann Thornfield-Long
Fertile, Issue 81: 1st Quarter 2022 [January]

Andrew Kozma
All These Different Flavors of Smells, Issue 83: 3rd Quarter 2022 [July]

Kim Goldberg
Hunger, Issue 84: 4th Quarter 2022 [October]

In the opening issue for each year, your poetry editor is honored to make a seasonal contribution Please click on this link to read this year’s offering, The Philadelphia Experiment.

Happy New Year!

John C. Mannone
Poetry Editor

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