Twilight Pulses

Chris Wood

Twilight Pulses

Nimbus clouds shroud and veil the sunset.
Orange and violet halos, shadow
the lightning, silent and electric.
Fuchsia splashes the evening
with memories


   like electrons across time,
scattering images of you.

I remember your dark blue irises
  shaded darker during storms.
I always wondered what was hidden
  behind those quiet moments
just before the sky, bulging and galvanized,
  gave up and let go.


Chris Wood lives in Tennessee with her husband and several fur babies. She is a member of the Chattanooga Writers’ Guild and her work has appeared in several journals and online publications, including Poetry Quarterly, Panoply, and the American Diversity Report. Learn more at

Author’s Backstory: I arrived home one evening to cloudy skies. As I was checking the mail, the colorful sky and flashes of lightning caught my attention. It just looked like so much was going on up there, but yet is was so quiet. I could feel the electric in the air and it brought back memories of a man in my life many years ago. I found out later he harbored many secrets that haunted him. Many times they came out in bursts of anger just like a spring thunderstorm, brief and violent.

Editor’s Notes/Image Credit: Thunderstorm at night with lightning []

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