A&A reviews Shortcut by Bryan Thomas Schmidt and Hunt Lowry

Shortcut: A Jason Maxx thriller (Villainous Press)
by Bryan Thomas Schmidt and Hunt Lowry

Smart, original, and it twists like an ice dancer. You’ll want to read Shortcut or see the movie they’re  making from this page-turning thriller.

Jason Maxx is a genius who has figured out a way to use lasers and quantum entanglement to travel faster than the speed of light. It uses a mathematical formula called Shortcut. But something, or someone, seems to be hindering his research at critical points.  When his wife, the laser part of the team—Laura Maxx—disappears after an attack that leaves Jason in the hospital, his only goal is to find her and bring her back. Then he gets a message from Laura: she is alive but the readings of where her messages are coming from only make sense if Laura Maxx is somewhere in space. To get her back, he accelerates his research, going for private funding when his usual sources won’t help. Racing against the clock to perfect the formula and the system that relies on it, and find a suitable craft to take him out there, Jason taps surprising sources and relationships while being pursued by those who want Shortcut to fail, including government agents and, perhaps, rivals.

How he overcomes these obstacles—and where Laura Maxx actually is, are both surprising and yet feel as if they are ripped from near-future headlines.


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