Red Destiny

Randall Andrews

Red Destiny

Red stone beneath my feet,
red sand between my toes,
red dreams behind my eyes
as I sail the barren skies
   of space.
One thousand of my race,
one seed upon the breeze,
one people called to roam
and pioneer a pilgrim home
   on Mars.
First step toward the stars,
first time this far from Earth,
first chance to spread our wings
and raise as one a voice that sings
   the future.


Randall Andrews is the author of two books, Finding Hour Way and The Last Guardian of Magic, which won the National Indie Excellence Award. His short stories and poems have appeared in places like Abyss & Apex, Space & Time, Martian Magazine, Sci-Fi Shorts, and Sci-Fi Lampoon. When not writing, he can be found wearing the soles off a pair of running shoes, listening to his favorite John Williams soundtracks, or hand-feeding his loyal flock of wild songbirds. Check out the books at:

Backstory: Ironically, it was while watching a show about history when the spark for this futuristic poem arrived. I was thinking about the first people who braved the daunting crossing of the Atlantic. No doubt our first trips to Mars will be equally perilous. But just as thrilling, too! Whether or not it happens during my lifetime remains to be seen. Maybe. I hope so.

In the crafting of “Red Destiny,” I strived to construct a poem with just enough rhyme and rhythm to tickle the ear as well as the mind. Seeing my work included once again in Abyss & Apex is an honor.

Editor’s Notes & Image Credit: Spacecraft over Mars (Image by WikiImages from Pixabay)

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  1. Karolyn Saunders says:

    Such a creative and talented author! I always enjoy reading his work!

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