Abyss and Apex:2004

Issue #12: November-December 2004

•   Ups, Downs, and Loop-de-Loops by Editor

•   Breakthrough by David J. Wright
•   Boxed by Will McIntosh
•   Pet by L.E. Symms
•   Ashes to Ashes by MP Ericson

•   Letter from a Red-Shifted Star by David C. Kopaska-Merkel
•   Five Stars Fell by Samantha Henderson



Issue #11: October 2004

•   A Long And Crazy Summer by Editor

•   Harlequins by Steve Carper
•   Moon Lantern by Rebecca A. Willman
•   A Reluctant Emcee by Mark A. Rayner
•   Marketing War by Michael Seidel

•   No Ruined Lunar City by Greg Beatty
•   Gargoyle by John Borneman
•   Song of a Space Raccoon by Constance Cooper


Issue #10: July/August/September 2004

•   The More Things Change by Editor

•   It’s All in the Knowing by Mikal Trimm
•   For the Sake of Rock & Roll by Josh Rountree
•   Post-Human Pat by Lavie Tidhar
•   Catch by Luc Reid

•   Her First Affair by Larry Hammer
•   Wars Aren’t Ended After All by David C. Kopaska-Merkel


Issue #9: May/June 2004 All-Flash Issue

•   The Weight of a Nebula by Editor

Part iii:
•   Vincent’s Secret Students by Robert T. Jeschonek
•   Apollo 11 by Tim Myers
•   Grey Head and Them Big Black Eyes by Ryan Robert Mullen

Part ii:
•   Inside the Witch’s Oven by Eugie Foster
•   A Farmer Considers Geologic Time by Tim Myers
•   When We Replicated Charles Dickens by Bruce Boston

Part i:
•   Swansong by Kyri Freeman
•   Clown Eggs by Jay Lake
•   Paranoia by Samantha Henderson
•   Heat Sink by Wendy S. Delmater


Issue #8: March/April 2004

•   Welcome by Carol Burrell, Editor-In-Chief

•   Making A Sparrow by Tracina Jackson-Adams
•   Live From The Volgograd Blackout! by Barth Anderson
•   My Duties Aboard Ship by Steve Wilson
•   The Powerful Bad Luck of DD Dupree by Frank Tuttle


Issue #7: January/February 2004

•   U U B US by Greg Beatty
•   My Kingdom by Hannah Wolf Bowen
•   Those Boiled Bones by Jay Lake



Copyrighted by the author unless otherwise noted.


Art Director: Bonnie Brunish

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