Abyss & Apex : Third Quarter 2007: E–MAIL TO DAMNISO LOPEZ 70


Duane Locke



I prayed to a pupil for a strawberry of my own.
In my prayer, I left out the word berry. My prayer
Was answered. I received three truckloads of
Straw along with instructions on how to duct tape
My windows to protect from the particles planted
In the atmosphere by terrorists. This is why I burned
My pajamas. I forgot that in my pajama pocket
Was the only mirror destiny, fate, or the gods
Would allow me to have. Now, I cannot see my image
And have no identity. I depend on gravity
To keep me from floating upwards to a space station
I met a strawberry blonde in Plant City on Friday.




Duane Locke lives in rural Lakeland, Florida, Duane Locke, Ph. D. (Metaphysical Poetry) has had (as of May 07) 5,877 poems published in print and e–zines. 17 print and e–books published. Also a painter, exhibited widely—a discussion of his work appears in Gary Monroe’s Extraordinary Interpretations (U of Fla press). Recent exhibition, “Outsider Art” at Polk Museum. A photographer, 289 photos published on internet. Does close–ups of tossed away trash, Mystic vegetation, visual music and nature (primarily small insects). For more information, interviews, awards, etc. click on Google, has quasi half–million entries. Is listed in Who’s Who in America (Marquis.)



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