Abyss and Apex:2009

Issue #29: 1st Quarter 2009


•   Rejectomancy by Wendy S. Delmater, Publisher


•   After The Revolution by Pauline J. Alama
•   Letter Found In A Chest Belonging To The Marquis de Montseraille
          Following The Death Of That Worthy Individual
by Marie Brennan

•   One Hand Washes The Other by Fraser Sherman
•   Incarnation In The Delta by Richard Foss
•   Murder by Carl Bunker
•   East of Chula Vista by Samantha Henderson


Issue #30: 2nd Quarter 2009


•   Fix, Do Not Eliminate, The Semiprozine Hugo by Wendy S. Delmater, Editor-In-Chief



•   The Midnight Girls by Lisa A. Koosis
•   No Cord Nor Cable by Bud Sparhawk
•   Dancing For The Monsoon by Aliette de Bodard
•   In The Middle Of Nowhere With Company by Ruth Nestvold
•   Deep Moves by William Highsmith


•   Bumbershoot by Howard V. Hendrix
•   Across The Grimpen Sedge by Paul Christian Stevens
•   Music Smooth As Fog by Marge Simon


Issue #31: 3rd Quarter 2009



•   Forty Years by Jude-Marie Green, Associate Editor


•   Section III by Caren Gussoff
•   Carpe Manana by Richard Lovett
•   Starlings by Michael J. DeLuca
•   A Hundredth Name by Christopher Green
•   Rainbows And Other Shapes by Patricia Russo


•   Harmony In Motion by Zoe Gabriel
•   Emperor Fish by Daniel A. Rabuzzi
•   my computer crashed by Emmanuel Jakpa
•   Man In A Foam Rubber Suit by T. R. Click
•   Green Water by Anna Sykora

Issue #32: 4th Quarter 2009


•   The Joy Of Small Cons: Campbell Conference 2009 by Christopher McKitterick



•   Mirror Girl by Paul Carlson
•   Lake Of Dreams by Christopher Lockhart
•   Epitaph In Oak by Craig Watson
•   Out Of The Blue by Lavie Tidhar
•   The Wrong Basement by David J. Sakmyster


•   A Recipe For Broke-Heart Break by K. Bird Lincoln
•   The Chinese Chef Was A Hologram by Max Salnikov


•   Nine Views Of The Oracle by Rachel Manija Brown




Copyrighted by the author unless otherwise noted.


Art Director: Bonnie Brunish

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