A&A reviews The Hunchback’s Captive

The Hunchback’s Captive and Others: Stories and Poems of the Darkly Fantastic (Fairy Thrush Press)

by Jay Sturner

Jay Sturner’s collection—The Hunchback’s […]

A&A reviews The Sideman

The Sideman (John Simon book 2)

by Bryan Thomas Schmidt

I love this series

I requested an ARC […]

A&A Reviews Netwalk: Expanded Edition

Netwalk: Expanded Edition (The Netwalk Sequence Book 1)

by Joyce Reynolds Ward

It’s the middle of the 21st century and Melanie’s got […]

A&A Reviews Within the Summit’s Shadow

Within the Summit’s Shadow

by Bonnie Randall

Detective Andrew Gavin is under investigation for shooting and killing an unarmed teenager in what […]

A&A Reviews The Black Queen

The Black Queen (The King’s Daughter Book 3)

by J. Kathleen Cheney

In this third book in the series we get to […]

A&A Reviews Mystery!

Mystery!: The Origins Game Fair 2018 Anthology

(Down & Out Books)

Edited by Chantelle Aimée Osman

This short story anthology has […]

A&A reviews The Artifacts

The Artifacts: A Flint Hills Story

by Eric Reynolds

(Hadley Rille Books)

The Artifacts is a great name for this […]

A&A Reviews Glorious Madness: Short Fiction

Glorious Madness: Short Fiction

by Jude-Marie Green

I’ve known Jude-Marie (Kelly) Green for a long time, ever since I bought one […]

Review: Draigon Weather

Draigon Weather

 by Paige L. Chistie

Draigon Weather follows the woven lives of its main characters, Cleod and Leiel, and you have […]

Review: Simon Says

Simon Says

by Bryan Thomas Schmidt

Coming out on Oct 15, 2019: This is a police procedural/scifi hybrid with a cop who […]