by Richard Ford Burley

Mouse is a book that is never quite what it appears to be. The novel opens on […]

In Dreaming Bound

In Dreaming Bound (Palace of Dreams Book 2)

by J. Kathleen Cheney

This is a sequel to Cheney’s Dreaming Death, reviewed here, […]

Review: The Vessel of Ra

The Vessel of Ra (Klaereon Scroll, Book 1)

by  Catherine Schaff-Stump

The book, set in the 1800s, starts with a nice young […]

Review: Dreaming Death

by J. Kathleen Cheney

When I first opened up this ebook I didn’t realize that it was written in the same world as […]

Review: Challenge Accepted

Edited by Stephanie Barr

I’m not just an editor; I’m also an author who has an invisible disability, a dyslexia when typing that […]

Review: Swords, Sorcery, & Self-Rescuing Damsels

Swords, Sorcery and Self-Rescuing Damsels

Edited by Lee French and Sarah Craft (Clockwork Dragon)

How could I resist looking at a volume […]

Review: The Sparrow in Hiding

The Sparrow in Hiding

by J. Kathleen Cheney

This is a great little book. It says something […]

Review: Southern Bound

Southern Bound (Max Porter Mysteries 1)

by Stuart Jaffe


You just know it’s going to be a […]

Review: Divinity & the Python

Divinity & the Python

by Bonnie Randall


Understand, Tarot is not my thing; in fact, it’s against […]

Review: Camelot 13

Camelot 13: Celebrating the Spirit of Arthur and His Knights

edited by John L. French and Patrick […]