Guardians of Evion: Destiny

Guardians of Evion: Destiny

by Evelinn Enoksen (Kristell Ink)

The author of this book is not merely a writer but also an artist and it shows: I very much appreciated the unshaded, gothic-gray illustration; it was quaint, precisely-detailed and lovely.

The book was not a bad read and […]

Our review of Born to the Blade (series)

Born to the Blade (series)

by Marie Brennan, Cassandra Khaw, Michael Underwood, and Malka Older (Serial Box)

This 11-episode series (season 1) is set in an interesting world of floating islands in the sky where noble classes rule. Below these islands are the dangerous Mists where monsters menace […]

Our review of Markswoman


by Rati Mehrotra (Harper Voyager)

Abyss & Apex only reviews small press publishers, and this book was from a major publisher. But Rati Mehrotha is an A&A author (“Hatyasin”) and I read this. So please follow this link to my review of Markswoman over at Goodreads.


The Experience Arcade

The Experience Arcade and other stories

by James Van Pelt (Fairwood Press)

Jim Van Pelt is both a storyteller and a teacher, so it’s fitting that each story in this entire collection has a short preface, and a short afterword teaching about the craft of writing. As is […]


Original (The Horn, Book 2)

by J. Kathleen Cheney

This worthy sequel to Oathbreaker (A&A’s review here), starts where Dalyan the outsider and Amal left off: with Dalyan recovering from being shocked to death, and then re-shocked to life. Amal wonders if it also fried his personality. They’re […]


Overseer (The Horn, Book 3)

J. Kathleen Cheney (EOP Press)

In this worth sequel to Oathbreaker and Original, Dalyan and Amal deal with more infiltrators from Cince. Foremost of those is Aulis an older man who is a version of the same original man as Dalyan. They’re both […]



by Joseph MacKinnon (Guy Faux Books)

I was not the target audience for this book.

The main character of CYPLUCHRE, Dr. Paul Sheffield, is the quintessential mad scientist. Never mind that his madness has perfectly good reasons. He’s living in an altered state of consciousness. A descent […]

The Cross Cutting Trilogy


The Cross Cutting Trilogy

by Wendy Hammmer (Apocalypse Ink Productions)

Protagonist Trinidad O’Laughlin is a child of vastly different cultures, but her parents had a common unique gift: Earth magic. Working closely with the land, city or whatever area a Walker cares for is called, they defend the area. […]

The Ramshead Algorithm and other stories

The Ramshead Algorithm and other stories

by KJ Kabza (Pink Narcissus Press)


KJ Kabza seems to specialize in altered states, dream states, and has a range from flights of fancy to gut-wrenching terror. I have to say I really liked the black-and-white, full-page pen-and- ink illustrations, which […]

A&A Reviews Genehunter

The Genehunter: The Complete Casebook

by Simon Kewin (Stormcrow Books)

In receiving author bios I discovered that veteran Abyss & Apex author Simon Kewin, who has a story in this edition, has written novels. Here is my review of his science fiction noir gumshoe book, The Genehunter.

Very […]