Anuel Rodriguez


How much does a dreamweigh on Earth?she wonders beforeshe falls asleep insidethe eye of a white void—her new embryo ofpolyvalent light.

Shapes fill her veinswithout bloodand an eclipse of skinforms under her second skin.She becomes a breathingafterimage; a shadowsuper-imposed on the face of creation.

She wakes up and studiesherself in fractured […]

Introduction to Abyss & Apex Poetry Issue 71

The number of submissions has nearly doubled as well as the number of quality poems received in May. It was difficult to turn away many good poems this July and the forthcoming October issue. However, some poems I simply could not let go, so you will be treated to a larger than normal sampling […]

A Confluence of Maple, a Resurgence of History

Jake Sheff

A Confluence of Maple, a Resurgence of History

There was no way she evolvedIn a world without clouds,In a world without hippiesLike Euler’s Equation, Stalingrad,The daily Metamucil tablet to keep youRegular; it’s my subjective truth,My requisite canyon that drains the inchoateOf lymph and quicksilver destined forThe proto-amputation of voice box and carol…My […]

The Right Hand of Starlight

Gretchen Tessmer

The Right Hand of Starlight she raises her palm see these lines? not one without stories they fill every deep trench and shallow rivulet  of flesh and blood and ink— yes, ink spilled everywhere across space, across time taking shape springing forth and curling out of darkness like seeds of creation, they […]

According to Lonely Planet

Kathleen S. Burgess

According to Lonely Planet              

neither tourists nor local laity may ascend the staircase

            to the doors of Iglesia de Santo Tomás. Eighteen steps

                        represent the number of months in a Mayan calendar,

                                    and they function much as the steep, sacred stairway

                                                to […]

Poison Fruit

Gregory Kimbrell

Poison Fruit

High, electrified walls of the arena remain faintly red as he wipes away blood. Today, a thousand hairless apes murdered each other for sport; the victorious shipped off to be rendered into elixir.

The keeper has no concept of the world outside, apart from signs pointing to an exit. His […]

The American Drive-Through Revisited

Isaac E. Payne

The American Drive-Through Revisited

‘Tween the omnipresent screen and a predilection for noise, humankind lives with the lusty desire for newer techs, fewer mechs—         for the American dream         and a cheeseburger.

Jarbled junk from a speaker box and a faded yellow board, dead flies pile up behind the plastic; that’s no […]

Through the Tattoo Needle of My Mind

Cyn Kitchen

Through the Tattoo Needle of My Mind

glaring of cats, glaring lazy hiss of apathy, apathetic drunks drunk on arrogance, drunk on butterflies, passed out on a hot sidewalk hogging up the light.

bouquet of cats from Ohio, butt in the face of humanity drawing lines with the stylus of her tail, […]

Mother of Cacti

Tristan BeiterMother of Cacti

Flora: I was the mother of cacti;I slit my sole and stepped on the sandand I danced. I gave my tearsto the desert, bore lupinerising its purple-belled shaftfrom the dust that filled the skywith yellow wind-drift, tumbleweedsand brittlebush where my hairfell to the ground. My bloodbecame the cups of […]


Nate Maxson


The speed of smoke           like time                     takes flight Like the stiffness in my bones after autumn’s first freeze

I buried both of the wristwatches that were given to me as ceremonial gifts for a birthday and a graduation

I can’t remember from […]