2023 Awards Eligible

Issue 85: 1st Quarter 2023

“Infestation” by R. A. O’Brien
“Kintsugi” by Amanda Dier
“It’s a Perfect World After All” by Russ Colson
“The Price of Eggs” by J.C. Pillard

“Thief of Souls” by David A. Gray
“Birthday Card” by Jess Leigh Unrein

Introduction to Issue 85 with Seasonal Poem
“The Philadelphia Experiment”` by John C. Mannone
“Drinking Sapphire Wine” by Katharyn Howd Machan
“The Scribes of Thutmose III” by Joshua H. Gage
“Command Module 012” by M.C. Childs
“Time on the Moon” by Nikolas Macioci
“Deep Vision” by Ann K. Schwader
“Boudreaux Responds to NASA June 2079 (Earth)” by Arden Eli Hill
“On the Winter Solstice” by Ann Thornfield-Long

Issue 86: 2nd Quarter 2023

“Howls Unbreakable” by Allison Thai
“The Toaster” by Calvin Cage
“The Authentic History” by Aaron Emmel

“Upgrade” by Trey Dowell
“The Artist Lih” by Christopher D. Leonard
“Caveat Emptor” by John Haas

Edited by John C. Mannone
“Missing” by Marge Simon
“Twilight Pulses” by Chris Wood
“Big Rig Off Dauphin Island, AL” by Ann Thornfield-Long
“On the Shore” by Denise Dumars
“The Stars are watching us” by Richard Weaver
“Kinnordy” by Manuel W Balaguer-Cortés
“I’ll Cry Later” by Lauren McBride

Issue 87: 3rd Quarter 2023

“Birds of London” by Beth Cato
“AIs Don’t Feel Guilty” by JM WIlliams
“The Man Who Was Not Himself” by Philip Brian Hall
“The Shrinking Sky” by Daniel Huddleston

“Flight School” by Randall Andrews
“Identification” by Tamlyn Dreaver

“Summer 1993” by John Kucera was removed due to plagiarism
“They Came in One Huge Wave” by Zebulon Huset
“Volume” by Sara Backer
“Midnight Rainbow” by Sam Barbee
“The Man with the Stone Flute” by Joshua St. Claire
“Ash’s Lament” by Laura G. Southern
“A Day of Definition” by William Doreski
“Soon the Moon Will Slip from Its Mooring,/Ride the River of Night Alone” by Katharyn
Howd Machan
“The Singing Girl” by Kim Salinas Silva
“Pop Forgot” by Joshua Siegal

Issue 88: 4th Quarter 2023

“Winds of the Mind” by Robert Luke Wilkins
“Stone Time”  by Bo Balder
“The Devil’s Labyrinth” by Michaele Jordan
“The Silver Tree” by Leona R Wisoker
“The Best Barista in a Time of Spiders Who are Addicted to the Rush of Caffeine” by Cate Covert
“Sandcastles in a Clockwork Sea” by Helena O’Connor

“Night Sky in His Eyes” by Bruno Lombardi

“The Perfect Book” by Ken Liu

“Jól” by Deborah L. Davitt

“When It All Began” by Garrett Carroll
“Once There Was a Lonely Unicorn” by Alicia Hilton
“Löwenmensch” by Deborah L. Davitt
“The Giants of Kandahar” by Anna Cates
“Positronic Effigy” by Marie Vibbert
“Force against force” by Richard Magahiz
“A Martian Memoir” by Frank Coffman
“Orbital Hulks” by Ann K. Schwader
“There’s Nothing and No One To Stop Me” by Emmie Christie
“Sonnet d’antan” by Bruce Robinson



Copyrighted by the author unless otherwise noted.


Art Director: Bonnie Brunish