Introduction to Issue 89 Poetry

Introduction to Issue 89 Poetry

Happy New Year! I pray your ongoing holidays are rich with joy. I’m proud to feature fine poets from around the world. Their work abounds with science fiction, fantasy, and surrealism, many with some Biblical influence, which seems appropriate for the season.

Speaking of which, it is traditional for me to be a contributing editor on the seasonal theme every first quarter, so I offer one playing off of modern physics, which I’ll include in the line-up since Bethany’s poem on quantum mechanics will naturally follow:

John C Mannone, senior poetry editor [Oak Ridge, Tennessee]
Schrödinger’s Box

Bethany F. Brengan  [Port Hadlock, Washington]
A World in Which the English Major Finally Understands Quantum Mechanics

Sara Backer [Hollis, New Hampshire]
Book and Sphere

Nnadi Samuel [Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria]
A Golden Flame // The Beheading of a Ram

David Henson  [Peoria, Illinois]
New Genesis

Kai Holmwood [Castro Daire, Portugal] ]
The Siren’s Promise

Holly Payne-Strange [London, UK]
The one with glowing eyes

Laura Gunnells Miller [Soddy Daisy, Tennessee]
Circular in Wonderland

Sultana Raza [India/Luxembourg]
Netting Scents

Please enjoy

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