Church of the Apocalypse








Sharon Mishler Fox

Church of the Apocalypse

The people speak of “before time”– before war, before anarchy, before civilization fell. Decrees for common good were the law of the land.

This “before time” also challenged them. Beggars appeared at freeway ramps, signs pleading for spare […]












Megan Branning


The bird sits on the rainspout, plump and shining like a heart. Its eyes survey the ramble of weeds, and the empty fountain, choked with dead coins. The earth is as dry as the crow’s rasping call.

Thorns and […]




Davian Aw



the last skyscraper stands alone beneath the overcast sky.

it’s not a building of this world: no red triangles mar its views no exit signs shine green within the dark slate of its outside walls that rise in silence to their peak, dip down in glassy pools of […]

the woods in the wind








Rebecca Buchanan


the woods in the wind

the bombs fell the world burned

and the earth heaved and sighed dying her last breath catching up seeds and pollen and spores and ash

and cast them high into the cold and the dark

and the sun exhaled […]

elysian seas


Dark Matter

























Vince Gotera

Dark Matter


nightshade amoeba

a million Jupiters wide

swims the Milky Way



           hexagon crystals

           suspended in sleep drifting

           planet to planet


silver […]

A Floral Hypocrite



















Chengyu Liu

A Floral Hypocrite


A space dandelion

stands her delicate body

upon the yellow mine of sulfur

under the quiet blue sky.


A sympathetic traveler

moves her on a ball of soil


Spring Will Come Again



















Holly Lyn Walrath

Spring Will Come Again


One hundred black birds perch on straggling branches—

a maze of interwoven fingers forming chapel and steeple

of the death tree and its erstwhile lover.

When they were […]

A Darker Heaven





















Jennifer Crow

A Darker Heaven

For Elle


When you bend close

on your black-feathered wings

the wind carries

secret sobs, hidden sighs,

all the aching songs made up

by lonely dreamers


Poisoned Apple























Ann Thornfield-Long

Poisoned Apple


She was the fairest of womankind.

How could jewel green scales compare

with innocence of fine-textured skin?

How could one with jealous pride understand

that kindness is […]