Expanded Mission

It took some doing,
RATO boosters for the sleigh,
eight tiny pressure suits and masks —
the custom shaping for the antlers
kept the elves up, helping Mrs. Claus to sew
until they fit exactly right –
but science was science,
and if men now had plans to live
year-round in space,
to finally colonize the moon,
the North Pole Toy Works
wasn’t going to let itself be
left behind.


James Dorr’s newest collection, Vamps (A Retrospective) was published in August 2011 by Sam’s Dot Publishing. An Indiana resident, Dorr is a member of the SFPA (Science Fiction Poetry Association) and a multi-time Rhysling Award finalist as well as an active member of SFWA. He has worked as a technical writer, associate editor on a city magazine, a full time nonfiction freelancer, and a semi-professional musician. More information on Dorr can be found at http://jamesdorrwriter.wordpress.com

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