“Solarized” by Wade German

Wallpaper : galaxy, space, stars, Hubble Deep Field 1920x1080 ...

Wade German


The sun again was god, so we returned
To ancient ways and bowed in solar prayer,
Abandoning all earthly hope and cares
Before the benediction rite – then burned.
Now bathed in ebon light of black hole suns,
No longer limited by laws of mass,
We witness other orbs eternally pass
Into their various oblivions.

Pale sentinels, we wander through the voids
And violet gulfs of spectral nebulae,
Where darker, greener valleys are arrayed
With young gods whose orbiting planetoids
Hold new alien races in their time
Of worship to false ghosts beyond the primes.


German’s poems have recently appeared in Dreams and Nightmares, Mythic Delirium, Phantom Drift, Space and Time, and Weird Fiction Review. He currently lives in Prague, Czech Republic.

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