“New Worlds” by Alexandra Seidel

Alexandra Seidel

New Worlds


I would make my world from blood and stone
a place where hungry gods find solace
in granite, in basalt, in marble
that looks like rosy flesh frozen in time

I would make my world from uncertain words
words that know that they do not suffice
to speak of the color of thunder
to name the shape of a smile or to count the stars

I would make my world from ropes
long and intersecting, winding
around a shared core; I would make the ropes to walk on
but include slippery parts at intervals

I would make my world from bone and ivory
cut it clear in white and pearly nova sheen
so that all who live there became blind
ruling that place without the illusion of sight

I would make my world for the fit of your palm
a thing to be carried like a dream, close to your heart
and to this dream I would whisper a name
so that it might hatch in a flurry of wings and take you away


Alexandra Seidel
creates worlds of ink with strange things hiding in the swirls and whorls and in the places between where letters don’t connect. Find some of her creations in such venues as Mythic Delirium, Stone Telling, Goblin Fruit, and elsewhere. Alexandra is the poetry editor for Niteblade and Fantastique Unfettered. You can read her blog here: www.tigerinthematchstickbox.blogspot.com

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