Space like Hands

Space like Hands

by Chloe N. Clark


you know they found a chupacabra

not far from where I live


and the body, because it was only

a body lost of life not living still,


made the newspapers, at least

the local ones with the letters


to the editor always about school

assemblies and church parking


lots. It seemed so tiny

in the photo like a mouse


baby dropped from its nest

but the caption claimed it bigger.


I wondered what the skin

of a chupacabra might feel like—


leathery or soft as bat wings

and the inside of dog ears.


Later the laboratory examining

the remains declared it was only


a malnourished raccoon and they



the body.


Chloe N. Clark is a current MFA candidate in Creative Writing & Environment. Her poetry and fiction has appeared such places as Rosebud, Supernatural Tales, Prick of the Spindle, and more. She wishes she were a magician most days and bakes cakes the rest of the time. She can be found on Twitter @PintsNCupcakes

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