“The Next Generation” by Vanessa Kittle

Vanessa Kittle
The Next Generation

Fingernail clippings fall as rain
from a blasted sky –
crawling across old newspapers
like roaches.

He moves close to her,
tells her to take off her shirt,
says he can’t believe
how perfect her skin looks.

The backseat is a bench
with stains on the fabric
and streaks running down
the foggy windows.

She asks if he is just
going to use her.
His answer: it is a chance
that every woman has to take
whether or not she is real.

Her eyes shine
with black fire.
Her nails could rip right through
the plastic of the seats,
but he doesn’t see them.
He only notices the skin.


Vanessa Kittle lives out on Long Island (NY) with her evil cats: Lama and Sombrero. Vanessa is a former chef and lawyer, who now writes science fiction and romance while teaching English Composition. She has published 2 collections of poetry with The March Street Press. Her work has recently been in Silver Blade, Veil, Aphelion, The New Renaissance, Contemporary American Voices, and A Generation Defining Itself anthology. Vanessa edits the Abramelin Poetry Journal. She has been nominated 3 times for the Pushcart Prize. Vanessa enjoys watching cheesy movies, cooking, gardening, and Star Trek!

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