Dark With Secrets

Freya Pickard

Dark With Secrets

Silver coat shining, horn gleaming
Unicorn strides through grassy plains,
Liquid eyes dark with secrets.

He scents the air for smell of grain
To avoid mankind. He, with his
Silver coat shining, horn gleaming.

He cries to the stars, he will deign
To converse with the moon with his
Liquid eyes dark with secrets.

He calls to Wind who tugs his mane,
Who blows from the north on his
Silver coat shining, horn gleaming.

He runs through the driving rains,
Screams his challenge; fierce he is,
Liquid eyes dark with secrets.

He flies through air, Night calls his name
His hooves the star-paths never miss;
Silver coat shining, horn gleaming,
Liquid eyes dark with secrets.

Freya Pickard is a cancer survivor, trying to re-discover her creativity after bowel cancer, surgery and chemotherapy. She is the author of Dragonscale Leggings and is currently writing poetry and short stories in order to try and get her creative flow to return. Freya blogs at either http://purehaiku.wordpress.com or http://dragonscaleclippings.wordpress.com depending on how she is feeling…

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