Calla Lily

5. Sabatelli_calla lily

Christiaan Sabatelli

Calla Lily

Now he, who is tender when he harvests the field,
reaches for his lover with cracked hands;
calloused skin against smooth.

And she, skin the mango color of her country,
pulls him against the dusky warmth of her stomach;
downy hair beside coarse.

He is covered in the scent of toil and earth,
knows the dampness of the soil;
the plow digs a furrow in the ground.

Her body steams, dewy with beads of sweat,
the dark fragrance of flowers hovers between;
sap presses into each petal and stem.

In the garden the air sighs through the grass;
a bee lingers for pollen in a lily.


Christiaan Sabatelli holds an MFA, in poetry, from the University of Florida. While at UF he completed his thesis under the guidance of William Logan. He also holds an MA in Literature and an MAT in secondary education, both from SUNY New Paltz. His poems have appeared in many national publication, including Writer’s Journal, A Gathering of Tribes, New Collage, Star*Line, The Adirondack Review, The Sierra Nevada Review, and The Louisiana Review.

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