Introduction to Poetry in Issue 59

Welcome to the July 2016 issue of Abyss & Apex poetry. Many excellent poems have been submitted in May. Of the 150 poems, we are delighted to publish 9 in this issue (and another 9 in the October issue):

  • “Death of a flower” by Mercedes Webb-Pullman (Kapiti Coast, New Zealand)
  • “Old Wine” by Eric Baron (Philadelphia, PA)
  • “After Selling Your Soul to the Trickster God” by Sara Norja (Helsinki, Finland)
  • “The Chinese Pirate Ching Shih Plays Go With a Hooded Opponent” by Kendall Evans (Norwalk, CA)
  • “Zen” by Anna Cates (Wilmington, OH)
  • “Captain Volta” by David Arroyo (Lawrenceville, GA)
  • “Visitors” by Brenda Cooper (Woodinville, WA)
  • “Extinction” by Brenda Cooper (Woodinville, WA)
  • “Entreaty to the Thunderous (Hexagram 51)” by M.C. Childs (Albuquerque, NM)

Look for editorial notes for comments about the poem and the accompanying artwork. (See the poetry introductions in the last two issues to see how that artwork is found.)


John C. Mannone

Poetry Editor

P.S. To make my submissions review more efficient, please include all the information in a single Word file (.doc or .docx only). Less than 40% complied with this request alone, splitting the info between the body of the email and an attachment. Though you may use the body of the email to introduce yourself and the poems, I want all the information in an attachment: the cover letter, all contact information, literary bio and the poems (each beginning on their own page in 12-point Times New Roman with the title not in all caps—unless critical to the poem). Thank you in advance for complying.

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