Fragment review

fragment: a novel

by Craig Russell (Thistledown Press)


Oh, I  simply LOVED this book!

One caveat, a word of warning: it’s a head-hopping book, with multiple points of view, so if that’s something you’re not fond of you’ve been notified. That being said…wow.

This is a well-researched story, that starts with a disaster in Antarctica that has far-reaching, global implications. It’s a “what-if” sort of book that asks the question,  What if a multi-glacier iceberg larger than the entire country of Switzerland broke loose and made its way north?

Okay, that’s a thriller but it’s not science fiction, yet. The speculative element that makes this story SF is not a buried spaceship either. It involves being able to talk to whales.  Buy this. Read it. Hope to God they make a movie out of it. It’s awesome.   RECOMMENDED.

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