Oathbreaker review

Oathbreaker (The Horn Book 1)

by J. Kathleen Cheney

When Amal, also known as Lady Horn, and her guards find an intruder, he seems harmless enough. Lost, even.  She takes him under her wing and as we follow his acceptance into their society readers learn that this is not exactly the fantasy book we are expecting.  First and most of all, the reader along with the newcomer, Dalyan, want to know why their Fortress is so important. I’ll give only one thing away: it turns out this is a science fiction book, too, and the reason Amal is known as an “oath breaker” has everything to do with that twist.

Well-drawn characters, multiple unfolding mysteries, great worldbuilding – Cheney has done it again. If you’re looking for a new author to devour their novels, this would be a great gateway into the many books of J. Kathleen Cheney.

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