Paul Bunyan and the Whirlwind Mountain

Gabriel Ertsgaard

Paul Bunyan and the Whirlwind Mountain

(click on the above link to view the interactive poem)


Gabriel Ertsgaard is an English lecturer at Kean University. His poetry, fiction, and literary criticism have appeared in Enchanted Conversation, Soul-Lit, Contemporary Haibun Online, Haibun Today, Bewildering Stories, Eternal Haunted Summer, Representations of Nature in Middle-earth, and ISLE. He earned his D.Litt. from Drew University with a dissertation on environmental themes in an Irish legend.

Editor’s Notes: The rhyming narrative poem (~1300 words), which follows an aabccbbscheme, is an interactive poem with multiple story lines. Follow the story in the uploaded HTML version; return to the beginning and follow the other options. Abstract fractal art (Pinterest) complements this adapted story about Paul Bunyan.

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