Logan Thrasher Collins


you clasp a pale blue ellipsoid
and wander the Mojave at night
gazing up at the neuraweb—
a luminous network in the ionosphere.

now press it to your forehead,
feel a synchronized wave
of nanowires expand
past skin, bone, meninges,
hear a faint whir
as machines assemble inside your head
before the desert fades.

you see a kaleidoscope of fluorescent
fruits and pulsating lotuses,
and on the horizon, a pink
metropolis woven by cybernetic spiders
that blazes like superheated neon,
a computational repository—
the place in which you will reunite
with the dead.


Logan Thrasher Collins is a poet, futurist, synthetic biologist, and student at Colorado University Boulder. His poetry and scientific research enjoy a symbiotic relationship.

Editor’s Notes: The pale blue ellipsoid is computer generated (Pixabay) and combined with William Warby’s Ghostly Spectre from a series of photographs of smoke plumes.

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