2019 Awards Eligible

Issue 69:  1st Quarter 2019

“Projections Do Not Guarantee Future Returns” by by Marc Singer
“Exactly What You Need” by Brandon Crilly
“Along the Road to Giants” by Emily McCosh
“Adrift” by Wayne Martin

“The Roots that Roam” by Joy Kennedy-O’Neill
“Cold Currents” by M. E. Garber

Introduction to Abyss & Apex Poetry Issue 69 (includes special holiday poem by John C. Mannone.)

“The Bone Palace” by Nicole Melchionda
“My Father Hears the Aliens” by Ann K. Schwader
“Entanglement” by Rob Griffith
“Sublimation” by Nate Maxson
“MOAB” by Mark Budman
“How to Seduce Apophis” by Mary Soon Lee
“Artemis 11” by Kira Lovell
“How You Kept Saving my Life “ by Lauren McBride
“Amathomancer’s Charge” by Tanner Abernathy

Issue 70:  2nd Quarter 2019

“Exhibit K” by Nadia Afifi
“The Birds that Flew in Wartime” by Tamoha Sengupta
“A Missed Diversion” by R. S. Alexander
“Ars Poetica” by David F. Shultz

“Sibling Squabbles” by Gregg Chamberlain

“The Gifted Sommelier” by Grayson Bray Morris

POETRY “The Right Hand of Starlight” by Gretchen Tessmer
“Mother of Cacti” by Tristan Beiter
“Through the Tattoo Needle of My Mind” by Cyn Kitchen
“A Confluence of Maple, a Resurgence of History” by Jake Sheff
“The American Drive-Through Revisited” by Isaac E. Payne
“Poisoned Fruit” by Gregory Kimbrell
“According to Lonely Planet” by Kathleen S. Burgess

Issue 71:  3rd Quarter 2019

“One Soul, Parchment Thin” by Calder Hutchinson
“A Study in Pink and Gold” by Richard Ford Burley
“The Red Oleander Murders” by Sean Patrick Hazlett
“Homecoming” by Elyse Kallen


“The White Foal” by F.J.Bergmann
“1000 M Diving Finals” by Chris Batchelor

“Amalgamation” by Anuel Rodriguez
“Atlas of Guam” by Peter Milne Greiner
“Where Once We Swam” by Patricia Gomes
“Voyage Season” by Eva Papasoulioti
“First Generation: The Miner Writes Home to His Grandmother Regarding His Upcoming Wedding” by T. D. Walker
“Silk Road” by Jennifer Crow
“Hellhound” by Tim Kahl
“Supermassive” by Robin Gow
“The Best Way I Can Explain It” by Ana C. H. Silva
“writer in residence” by Laura Theis
“Whale Dreams” by Christopher Collingwood

Issue 72:  4th Quarter 2019

“What Makes an A&A Story?” by Wendy S. Delmater

“Through the Iris” by Tyler Wells Lynch
“Antique” by Michaele Jordan
“Eclipsed Seasons” by Jamie Mason
“Mothers and Daughters” by Marta Murvosh
“The Info Coup” by Walter Williams

“A Pilgrim’s Tale” by Bruno Lombardi

“The Spider in Her Lungs” by Mary E. Lowd”

“Ntil” by Luigi Coppola
“Night in the Rainforest” by Kathleen S. Burgess
“This is How You’re Dealing” by Bryanna Licciardi
“The Scarecrow’s Lover” by Alexandria Baisden
“El poeta astronauta levita/The astronaut poet soars” by Carmen Lucía Alvarado (Guatemala) translated by Toshiya Kamei
“If Aliens Arrive Tonight” by R. Nikolas Macioci
“Apocalypse Swap” by Ann K. Schwader
“Scrapyards” by Alex Kashko
“Willing the Tide to Turn” by Catherine Edmunds
“The Blob at High School Reunion” by Noel Sloboda

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