Introduction to Issue 70 Poetry

We are pleased to publish the following great speculative poems that are also possessed with literary depth. Authors are from all over the country. We open with The Right Hand of Starlight by Gretchen Tessmer (Gouverneur, NY), an ethereal poem to set the tone. It’s followed by Mother of Cacti by Tristan Beiter (Danville, PA), where the cactus flower traditionally symbolizes a mother’s unconditional love (and perhaps sets us up for the closing poem). Several surreal poems follow: Through the Tattoo Needle of My Mind by Cyn Kitchen (Galesburg, IL), A Confluence of Maple, a Resurgence of History by Jake Sheff (Lancaster, CA), and The American Drive-Through Revisited by Isaac E. Payne (Bradford, PA). The poignant prose poem Poisoned Fruit by Gregory Kimbrell (Richmond, VA) is followed by our closing poem in time for the holy season, According to Lonely Planet by Kathleen S. Burgess (Chillicothe, OH). The accompanying artwork was selected from various sources or created by a combination of copyright-free images in PowerPoint by the poetry editor.

John C. Mannone

Poetry Editor

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