Introduction to Abyss & Apex Poetry Issue 72

The last issue of 2019 will not disappoint you, it is filled with the typically awesome group of poets whose work I’ve had the privelage of reading from all over the world:

Ntil • Luigi Coppola (Sidcup, Kent, UK)

Night in the Rainforest • Kathleen S. Burgess (Chillicothe, OH)

This is How You’re Dealing • Bryanna Licciardi (Murfreesboro, TN)

The Scarecrow’s Lover • Alexandria Baisden (Kirkland, IL)

El poeta astronauta levita/The astronaut poet soars • Carmen Lucía Alvarado (Guatemala) translated by Toshiya Kamei (Mexico City, Mexico)

If Aliens Arrive Tonight • R. Nikolas Macioci (Groveport, OH)

Apocalypse Swap • Ann K. Schwader (Westminster, CO)

Scrapyards • Alex Kashko (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Willing the Tide to Turn • Catherine Edmunds (Bishop Auckland, Co Durham, UK)

The Blob at High School Reunion • Noel Sloboda (York, PA)

You will find a few editor’s notes after the bios, but mostly about the artwork I had found and/or created to complement the poems.

I am proud of these and previous poets. And a special nod goes to the following in competition for the Rhysling Award curated by the Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association:

A City Built on Bones • Ann K. Schwader • Abyss & Apex 66

tied for Third Place for the 2019 Rhysling Award in the short poem category.

It was one of six poems nominated for the award that we published in Abyss & Apex in 2018:

The Last Transport (long poem category) • Frank Coffman • Abyss & Apex 65 

Spatial Arrangement • David F. Shultz • Abyss & Apex 65

A City Built on Bones • Ann K. Schwader • Abyss & Apex 66

Neuraweb • Logan Thrasher Collins • Abyss & Apex 67

This Sacred Earth • Deborah L. Davitt • Abyss & Apex 67

Fortune Favors the Cold • Katherine Inskip • Abyss & Apex 68)

For the 2019 Dwarf Stars Award, also curated by Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association, which I chaired this year, I nominated two poets (whose work was suggested by others):

Rapunzel • F.J. Bergmann • Abyss & Apex 68

Tau Lyrae • John C. Mannone, Abyss & Apex editor • Celestial Musings: Poems Inspired by the Night Sky

Men on Mars and Witches from Venus• John C. Mannone, Abyss & Apex editor • Tales from the Moonlit Path

Finally, I want to recognize the 2019 Best of the Net poetry nominees (Sundress Publications). Good luck to you all:

Valentine •  Kelly Hanwright • Abyss & Apex 67

In SETI Silence • Ann Schwader • Abyss & Apex 68

The Bone Palace • Nicole Melchionda • Abyss & Apex 69

MOAB • Mark Budman • Abyss & Apex 69

Poison Fruit • Gregory Kimbrell • Abyss & Apex 70

According to Lonely Planet • Kathleen S. Burgess • Abyss & Apex 70

John C. Mannone – Poetry Editor

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  1. Marge Simon says:

    Wow! What an impressive list of excellent poets, John! A&A always is a true pleasure, a treasure trove of poetry to read!

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