Review: Draigon Weather

Draigon Weather

 by Paige L. Chistie

Draigon Weather follows the woven lives of its main characters, Cleod and Leiel, and you have to keep track of when you are in each of their timelines: an effort not all readers will be willing to make, but it’s worth the work. This is not the first book decrying a deeply patriarchal and classist society I’ve read—indeed, they’ve almost become a staple in the field. If it were the first such book I’d read I’d have been mesmerized by the overturning of tropes. Nevertheless, it’s still a very good tale of the dangers of ignorance: knowledge in this book is reserved for very few and therefore ignorance gets its way and tradition trumps practicality. I could see the smashup that was telegraphed for Master Cleod and Mistress Leiel coming but the book still did manage to surprise me at times. Worth reading.

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