A&A Reviews Within the Summit’s Shadow

Within the Summit’s Shadow

by Bonnie Randall

Detective Andrew Gavin is under investigation for shooting and killing an unarmed teenager in what looked like a fit of rage. His breakdown in judgment was ultimately caused by his seeing a gruesome suicide when he was seventeen. He’s never dealt with the trauma. And ever since, an incorporeal delusion he calls The Dead Boy shows up at random times. Andrew is not sure which option is worse: Is he imagining The Dead Boy, and losing his mind? Or is The Dead Boy Real?

Suspended from the force while awaiting a possible murder charge, Andrew retreated to his home in the Canadian Rockies. And now The Dead Boy is taunting him every day. There he’s shocked to discover that his childhood sweetheart, Elizabeth McBrien, can see The Dead Boy, too. And she’s not the only one. The Dead Boy has appeared to Kyle King, a sickly teen kid friend of Elizabeth.

It becomes a race to save Kyle’s life, and The Dead Boy insists that Andrew has to face his trauma regarding that suicide he saw as a kid himself because facing that will somehow save Kyle. Andrew’s pretty sure opening that can of worms will not only destroy him, it will also destroy any chance he has of rekindling anything with Elizabeth. As The Dead Boy knows, why Kyle is dying is integral to Andrew’s trauma and memories of that have to surface, even if it tears him—and Elizabeth—apart.

This is one of the best paranormal mysteries I’ve ever read, with characters you’ll never forget and a whodunit that will knock your socks off. RECOMMENDED

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