Introduction to Abyss & Apex Poetry Issue 73

Introduction to Issue 73 Poetry

First, I want to congratulate the following nominees for the 2019 Best of the Net and Pushcart prizes:

Pushcart (Poetry)
Gretchen Tessmer, “The Right Hand of Starlight” (Issue 70)
Tristan Beiter, “Mother of Cacti” (Issue 70)
Eva Papasoulioti, “Voyage Season” (Issue 71)
Robin Gow, “Supermassive” (Issue 71)

Pushcart (Fiction)
Brandon Crilly, “Exactly What You Need” (Issue 69)
Calder Hutchinson, “One Soul, Parchment Thin” (Issue 71)

Best of the Net (Poetry)
Kelly Hanwright, “Valentine” (Issue 67)
Ann Schwader, “In SETI Silence” (Issue 68)
Nicole Melchionda, “The Bone Palace” (Issue 69)
Mark Budman, “MOAB” (Issue 69)
Gregory Kimbrell, “Poison Fruit” (Issue 70)
Kathleen S. Burgess, “According to Lonely Planet” (Issue 70)

Second, it is with great pleasure to present the beginning of another decade with poems from Tristan Beiter, Karin L. Frank, Jordan Carley, Deborah Davitt, Laura Cranehill, A.Z. Louise, Katharyn Howd Machan, and Matthew Harrison. Your poetry editor found or created derivative artwork for the poems.

Third, traditionally we include a seasonal and speculative poem written by your poetry editor. In 2019, my contribution was largely science fiction. In 2020, the emphasis is on fantasy (mixed in with science fiction). Please enjoy all the poems.

Happy New Year! May it be prolific for you all.

John C. Mannone
Poetry Editor

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