A&A reviews SHIFT


by C.N. Lesley

In this standalone paranormal romance/mystery/thriller C.N. Lesley (the pen name of A&A Flash Editor Elizabeth Hull) chronicles the life of Lily, woman who’d been in the Witness Protection Program – and it failed her. People she loves are dead because of it, and she’s on the run. A car crash in the middle of nowhere injures her severely, and she wakes to find herself in a cabin with no electricity, no cell service and no way to charge her phone, plus a strange but alluring man named Rowan, caring for her.

He does his best to heal her, but his best involves a paranormal technique that changes her life. And it seems Rowan knows of the criminal that is after her, who is also not what he seems but is, rather, a paranormal foe. Rowan has a score to settle with this guy. Oh, and Rowan is a werewolf – not like in the tales of creatures made mad by the moon, but someone who can shift in and out of being in human or wolf form. And their common enemy is an ancient, cunning vampire.

Lily has no choice, at first, except to join Rowan against their common foe. She’s also not given a choice about becoming a werewolf herself for Rowan to heal her . . . and she is NOT happy about this. Nevertheless, seeking allies, they go to Rowan’s kin, who are a country and a continent away. Their foe and his henchmen pursue them, but when they get to the Wolven Enclave? Ah – that’s when things get really interesting. And complicated as hell.

You won’t be able to put it down. RECOMMENDED

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