Couped Up


Abyss & Apex’s last two reading periods for both Fiction and Poetry had an incredible number of submissions. Apparently, lots of people who had time on their hands due to being stuck at home via Corvid-19 decided to use that leisure to finish their works and send them to us. You might say, being cooped up made them as supercharged as the custom coupe in the above photo.

Thank you. It’s an incredibly good batch of fiction and poetry… but there is so much of it. Please be patient as we wade through it all.

We’ve already identified enough good fiction that we have a nearly full 2021 publication schedule and are starting to fill up 2022. Therefore we cannot, in good conscience, any have further open fiction reading periods for the rest of the year. (Poetry will still be open in November.)

We’ll keep you posted on developments via our Twitter feed  (@Abyss_Apex ) and our Facebook page You can also support us on our Patreon where you’ll hear insider things first.  Finally, if we have a special needs, like we did for a holiday story last year, we’ll post it on the Facebook group called OPEN CALL: SCIENCE FICTION, FANTASY & PULP MARKETS – you might want to follow them. We also have a quarterly newsletter you can sign up for at


Have a great summer and be well,

Wendy S. Delmater and the Staff at Abyss & Apex Magazine


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