A&A reviews Lost Cargo by P.A. Cornell

Lost Cargo by P.A. Cornell

(Mocha Memoirs Press)

Lost Cargo is a novella—and is a decent book. Good characters, good plot, good setting. If you want something pleasant to help fill up your eReader, this will fit the bill.

Parker is a member of a group headed for a new world to colonize it. Due to a meteor strike, she and the members of her colony ship pod and their stasis chambers become stranded on a different world—separated from their loved ones, trapped. It’s an abandoned, partially-terraformed world where undue care had not been taken to protect the indigenous ecology—which had been set up as a big game hunting preserve. The ship’s pod’s AI said they had very little time to make it to to the hunting lodge (if it was still usable) to tweak the communications satellite and get a rescue message out, via ansible, before the satellite’s orbit decayed any further. Some of the pod members had injuries, others had health issues, and the planet had more than monsters that could kill them.

It’s a nice little adventure. You’ll enjoy it.

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