A&A reviews From Voyages Unreturning

From Voyages Unreturning (Aqueduct Press)

by Deborah L. Davitt

This poetry chapbook tells the story of an adventurer who leaves earth and travels into the future, on a space voyage, looking for she’s-not-sure-what. Her discovery process and what she finds are fascinating and very sci-final. I’ll not give away the journey or its conclusions except to say it was a pleasure hitching along in the protagonist’s mind, and a double pleasure to see such a competent poet playing with various forms of poetry and lyricism in the service of the story.

That’s important: in the service of the story. Davitt does not fall into the trap of impressing us with her poetic savvy and skill at the cost of a coherent narrative. While her vocabulary is impressive, writing is painting words and stories in the mind and she gets the exact shade of meaning in every case without choosing words one has to look up.

It’ll linger in your mind. Aqueduct Press knew what it was about to call this chapbook a “conversation piece.” It would be a lovely addition to anyone’s coffee table to spark a chat over coffee.

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