A&A reviews Japanese Robots Love to Dance

Japanese Robots Love to Dance (Double Dragon/Fiction4All)

by Margret A. Treiber

This is a “fix-up” novel, a series of short stories about the same characters in different situations that tell a larger story. I found it quite entertaining!

The main character is a public defender–Gary Legal (nee Siegel)–who is out to annoy his politician father by being a do-gooder. Other secondary characters include a sentient AI robot being kept alive by a scheming and somewhat shady old electrical engineer–Ji-hoon–and Ji-hoon’s quirky grandson, known only as Boy. In and out of their lives, via various legal cases, stream an astonishing number of real characters: a trash hauler that used to be an AI tank, an elder god with a grievance, government contractors, bank robbers, shady businessmen from the underworld, government spooks, and especially shady lawyers who are trying to take advantage of Gary Legal’s robotic or otherworldly clients.

The book is a fun series of romps and I finished it in one sitting. You’ll enjoy it.

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